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Thread: Difference between Android and Symbian

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    Difference between Android and Symbian

    Well i am planning to buy a Smartphone. But as i can see the market has got a competition between android and symbian, please tell me the difference between android and symbian so that i can make a fair choice.

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    Re: Difference between Android and Symbian

    Android and Symbian are two types of operating systems which are used in mobile phones. Android as we all know is a latest version while Symbian has been here for a long time. So, which is the best amongst these two? This is possible a never ending argument but let us try to put an end to it.
    If a device uses android software, it is called as a droid. There are some features that it has which makes it superior over the Symbian devices. Let us take a look at those features.

    Android devices have great range of applications. These applications are made available to the user through a market place. But in Symbian devices one can use these applications only as a third party application.
    You can use the wi-fi for a long time in Android devices than in Symbian devices. The droid devices also provide great social networking facilities.

    Symbian is the first developed os which has great specifications. Multi tasking is the best specification of Symbian that allows using more than one application at a time. But the main drawback of Symbian is we can’t create applications in this platform since it is licensed. Android also comes with all specifications of Symbian include multi tasking. But the main difference is it allows to create applications for free. Thus users can create android applications they need.

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