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Thread: Top 5 Web Browsers for Android devices

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    Top 5 Web Browsers for Android devices

    Android devices come with a browser 'standard' basic but practical enough to show web pages. However, do not have to settle for this one browser, you can install others in the same way you do with your personal computer. Here we will see some of them:

    1. Firefox for Android

    If you use Firefox on your PC or laptop may also be interested in installing it on Android. Not only because a matter of habit, it is also possible that you are using Firefox Sync and want to access favorite links and also you have saved from your Smartphone or tablet. Firefox for Android

    2. Opera for Android

    Opera browser is a myth in PC and Mac environments, so it's not unusual for you, not one but two versions available for Android. If anything characterizes this browser is its speed and low resource consumption. Have available Opera Mobile, the browser itself and a smaller version for less powerful devices, Opera Mini.

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    Re: Top 5 Web Browsers for Android devices

    3. Chrome

    Chrome is a browser designed by Google, so I could not miss on the Android platform, but still has two small problems one is that it is in Beta, the other running on Android 4.0, so if you have a device does not date cannot be installed. Chrome for Android

    4. Dolphin

    Dolphin Browser is a relatively recent, but still has managed to gain a foothold. Among the advantages that you can find includes gesture recognition and the ability to navigate using voice commands. You can also find a multitude of add-ons in Google Play Store. Dolphin

    5. Skyfire

    Skyfire is another browser available for Android, perhaps somewhat less popular, but is nonetheless an option to consider. The advantages compared to other browsers are related to social networks. This browser offers an integration of networks such as Facebook or Twitter, for example, you find a button 'I love it' integrated into the browser without having to mark to find a Facebook button. Skyfire

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