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Thread: Joker/Super Joker/Friend in Zynga Slingo

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    Joker/Super Joker/Friend in Zynga Slingo

    You know when you get a Joker/Super Joker/Friend, it lets you select the square? I think on rows that are completely filled in (all stars) shouldn't get the regular joker choice on them, however Super Joker still has a chance to pop up. I've played a few games where I get a useless Joker in a slot I completely filled in that I could've used elsewhere

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    Re: Joker/Super Joker/Friend in Zynga Slingo

    That's not how Slingo works though. Each reel is set on random, they aren't out to get you or fighting against you. Yes, it's frustrating but it's part of the game.

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    Re: Joker/Super Joker/Friend in Zynga Slingo

    Depends on how you define random.

    I just started a game a few minutes ago, some time after starting the game and spinning the second time my wireless router dropped out. Upon resetting it and refreshing my browser I came back to the game saved as how I left it message and found that my original first spin had not saved. Spun again and received the same set of numbers.

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