As announced earlier to all administrators, Facebook has made Timeline compulsory for all business Pages available on this social network from 1st April, right from the Midnight. The social networking giant had given time of 1 month to Admins so that they can curate their Page, they also released a guide in order to easily port over to the Timeline set up. Facebook has already started the update for these pages.

As per the research, its been measured that Facebook Page fan engagement increases 46% with the addition of Timeline. So I can say that this change is actually somehow exciting. There are many more changes with this Timeline feature. For example, admins were able to promote contests, sales, video games games and many more such activities to emphasize in the previous pages. But with this new Timeline page, the Cover Photo is the greatest element for the page owners.

There are many more good features like Admins can stick a post to the very top of their Facebook pages that will surely attract user’s attention towards the particular post. It even features complete access to Facebook's Insights analytics platform. There are also various levels of privacy that make it easier to have a public persona as well as staying connected to friends at the same time.

According to facebook, “People who visit your Page will have a more personalized experience because they'll see how their friends have interacted with you. “If someone tags you in one of their posts or checks in at your location, the people they originally shared with will all see these stories highlighted for them on your timeline”