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Thread: GTX 900 Series Disappointment

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    Unhappy GTX 900 Series Disappointment

    Hey guys,

    First post. Just want to start by saying hello and introducing myself. I'm a tech and have worked the field since you overclocked a Pentium 3 with a pencil. An avid gamer and a tech naturally makes me a PC gamer, though I also dabble in Nintendo as I see them bringing unique ways to play to the table all the time.

    Now for the real post. Was I the only one let down by Nvidia's latest release. I feel they rushed it out to get people to buy without thoroughly checking on how high the quality really was. For instance the GTX 770 last .5GB of VRAM is virtually unusable, if you do hit it you suffer performance loss. And the GTX 960 and the lack of bus width slowing it's performance along with only 2GB of VRAM total, it should have gone up to 3 to keep up with the current trend in gaming. ~16FPS on high at 1080p is not good, prior models of the 60 calibur would pull out at least ~35 to make the game playable.

    Sure, lower power usage is great, but the cost to performance ratio on power supplies is not an impediment for most folks will to build a $700 to $1000 rig. However having to spend $200 more on a GPU just to have current games playable on high is. With the latest AMD GPU's right around the corner, except the top of the line GTX 980 I think AMD will actually take the cake on this generation of GPU's.

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    Re: GTX 900 Series Disappointment

    I am a fond of AMD, never used nVidia because AMD is good enough to satisfy the gaming needs. So, no idea about nVidia.

    By the way, very Welcome to TechDiscussion, Xibyth. Speciailly, i like your introduction in the first para, too impressive.

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