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Thread: Windows 10: Whenever I open safari browser crashes

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    Windows 10: Whenever I open safari browser crashes

    I am using Windows 10 from quiet a long time. Recently I installed Safari web browser on my system. And there is some issue with that. I am trying to open But the Brower just crash on the same. I am quiet not able to figure out why it keeps on crashing. I had tried a lot to fix this problem but it does not look like working. It just keeps on crashing again and again. I am using the latest version of Safari browser.

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    Re: Windows 10: Whenever I open safari browser crashes

    Are there any add-ons on your browser? Mostly this type of crash happens if you are having multiple add-ons on the browser. You have to remove them and then test back.

    For this the best way is to first uninstall the web browser from your pc. Then download a new version from Apple site and install the same. Then try to use it and I am quite sure it will start working. is just a web page it won’t crash the entire browser.

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    Re: Windows 10: Whenever I open safari browser crashes

    Did you test it in some other browser like Firefox or Chrome? Just for testing purpose open and check and I am quite sure that it might start working. It happens that sometime a few settings or add-ons cause the issue and it won’t work well. You just have to recheck the browser back again.

    Re-installing might surely resolve the problem you are facing. So just try the above steps first. Download a fresh version and test back.

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    Re: Windows 10: Whenever I open safari browser crashes

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable post. I think you have more than one browser, and using them simultaneously, as this error is occured when multiple browsers are there.

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