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Thread: Getting 0x80073CF1 error on Windows 10 after update

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    Getting 0x80073CF1 error on Windows 10 after update

    I am having some problem with my current Windows 10. I am running new updates but I am having some error which does not allow me to simply install all the updates. And it keeps on coming up. The error that I am getting is 0x80073CF1. I checked this in event viewer and it keeps on coming.

    I had tried to fix it by restart but no help. This simply means that there is something broken. I want some help here to fix it. I am quiet annoyed with this error and I am not able to find out any way to stop this thing.

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    Re: Getting 0x80073CF1 error on Windows 10 after update

    Even I got the same error on my Windows 10 pc. And this appears when you reboot your pc. I checked inside the Event Viewer section where I found an installation error. I am not able to figure out why this error keeps on coming up again and again. And the updates just remain under a pending list to get installed. I had contacted Microsoft for the same but yet they had not provided any solution for the same. I am quite sure that this is a broken update. And it will get resoled on its own. So you can just ignore the same. Yet we had not got any updates.

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    Re: Getting 0x80073CF1 error on Windows 10 after update

    You can try downloading that update manually form the internet and then running the setup. I am quite sure that will replace the one which is in your system and fix the problem. So here you can just try doing that. Just note down the kb article from your update and then search that in Google. You will get bit information on the same.

    Download the update and install it in your system. And then test back. I am quite sure it will really help. You can skip the update for the time being because there are many users who are getting this problem. It will be resolved on its own.

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