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Thread: Increase your Nokia Lumia 800 battery Life with the latest Firmware Update

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    Increase your Nokia Lumia 800 battery Life with the latest Firmware Update

    Including myself, there are many Nokia Lumia 800 users who faced battery problem with their handsets and remain complaining for a long time about the same. Itís a fact that Lumia 800 was having very poor battery life. At present, our Nokia Lumia 800 usually works for 7 hours approximately in working mode with all connections like 3G, push email activated, etccc. Even though we wont play music or play games, battery wont get more than 7 hours.

    In response of the people complaints, Nokia has unveiled a new Firmware update that will probably triple the battery life of Lumia. As they mentioned on their Blog, ďThis software version for the Lumia 800 (1600.2487.8107.12070) brings significant improvements in battery performance and power management. Originally scheduled for 18 April, weíve now managed to bring the schedule forward. But before you get all excited and reach out for that cable to connect your Lumia 800 to your Mac or PC, thereís just one more thing to know: the update will not span the globe all at once. It will be queued up over 4 weeks, beginning today (28 March) for the first batch. Subsequent phased updates will be on 4, 11 and 18 April.Ē

    Well thatís good news for all Lumia users. But the only sad news is that this update is yet not available for all region. You can check if its available in your region from the following Page.

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    Re: Increase your Nokia Lumia 800 battery Life with the latest Firmware Update

    Hey, thanks for this great news buddy.

    Even am a Lumia user and as you said in the first line, even am sick of its battery life. Without Music, videos and games, my battery only lasts for 5 hours max. Many many thanks Nokia for releasing this update.

    Can you guys please let me know what is the processor of getting this update ???

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    Re: Increase your Nokia Lumia 800 battery Life with the latest Firmware Update

    Getting and Updating this firmware is very simple. Just follow the below Steps:

    1. First of all check if it is available for your region from here.
    2. Now connect your phone to PC having installed Zune.
    3. And follow the onscreen instructions.

    Thasts it.

    You can also check the video tutorial here for doing the same:

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