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Thread: Flash Player crashing while playing Zyanga Bingo

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    Flash Player crashing while playing Zyanga Bingo

    I have tried for 3 days now, 3 different browsers all with the same problem. FLASH PLAYER keeps crashing!ive tried everything to get it not to crash but its not working. can anyone suggest on this issue..

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    Re: Flash Player crashing while playing Zyanga Bingo

    I find that I've had this on Bingo really bad, now I also have it on Cafe World & Castleville, but I am able to use flash on other FB programs that do not crash. Obviously for Bingo it is rougher because it happens in the middle of the game. I play probably 3 or 4 bingos and I notice a definite slower pace of the balls coming up and on my ability to click then. I play slingo and have not noticed it on their yet, but at first Bingo played really well and just as of late is it becoming a problem. I have ran diagnostics on my computer, cleaned out the cache and still today have the same problem. Other games I have no problem with, but bingo continues to be a problem. I shall probably just quit playing it for awhile and see if it is fixed later. Just wanted you to know that others are having the same problem.

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    Re: Flash Player crashing while playing Zyanga Bingo

    I'm having essentially the same problem as above. Normally, this game runs smoothly for me, with the occasional (expected) lag here and there.. which I usually chalk up to Internet connection issues.. nothing that impedes my ability to play. However today has been awful. All day long, there has been this very noticeable lag in game play.

    There is a 4-5 second delay from when I click on a number to when it "registers" in the game. That's cost me a couple of bingo wins. I've had the error messages about the game getting a "boost" and the Flash crash. Of course, I lost the cards I was playing when those errors occurred. I've cleaned out my cache > flash cache. I've got the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome installed, and the game performs the same on both browsers.

    I have the latest version of Flash running. I've restarted my PC several times, I've even disabled my AV software while I play. Nothing I've done on my end seems to have any effect or improvement on game performance today. Before today, it's been running great -- but not today. Hopefully, it'll be working better tomorrow... but I'll miss playing bingo.

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    Re: Flash Player crashing while playing Zyanga Bingo

    An update I've found and wanted to share. I had shared yesterday that I had the problem with the crashes. I have noticed that it was when I was playing 5 or 6 cards, but today when I went back to playing just 4 cards I had no crashed. That may be a glitch in the system for me. I've found a way to play the game without it crashing, just don't play 5 or 6 cards

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