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Thread: Windows Network Adapter Problems Troubleshooting

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    Windows Network Adapter Problems Troubleshooting

    Windows network is one of the most easiest way to share files with other users on the same network. Sometimes due to we come across problems where other users cannot see our PC, or we cannot see their PC. So there are ways to fix problem if you are facing any. And there are ample of things that can be done. This is a common guide that will help you to fix the LAN based problem on various other Windows based system also.

    I am targeting the most common things and I am sure it will be easier for you to handle. For those who are new to networking will get a lot of helpful solutions in the guide. I also request other users to simply provide their contribution to this guide and make it lot more helpful.

    The most common reasons behind a LAN failure: We will first see what are the most common reason that lies behind a windows LAN failure so that you can have a short checklist to deal with numerous problem.

    • Outdated Drivers
    • Faulty Cable
    • Faulty Lan Hub
    • Faulty Ethernet port on pc or laptop
    • File and Printer sharing issue due to Firewall
    • Missing Map Drive
    • Can't find any PC in Network Places
    • Unable to copy files on the shared folder
    • Slow file transfer speed
    • Continuous disconnection
    • Slow network discovery
    • Duplicate IP
    • Limited Connectivity

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    Re: Windows Network Adapter Problems Troubleshooting


    I am going to target composite solutions. That means a common one for various problem. Most of the below things are easy and can be done by any. But if there is a hardware issue then the only option left is to take the system to a authorized repair center.


    The best way is to diagnose the lan network and that will surely give you a instant fix from the problem you are facing. Most of the Windows based system comes with this feature. For that all you have to do is right click on the lan adapter and then choose Troubleshoot and Repair. It will scan for the most common issue and fix them.

    Turning on Disabled Network Adapter

    Sometime this happens. It can be done manually or sometime driver updates or faulty driver can turn off the network adapter. This can be resolved easily. You can also manually enable and disable the lan adapter to fix speed issue, duplicate IP issue, etc. For that, follow the below steps.

    • Right click on the tiny network icon in the system tray and chose Network and Sharing Center
    • In that from the left change adapter settings.
    • From the Window select the lan adapter and right click on that.
    • From here if it is disable choose enable. This will also reset the lan settings.

    Duplicate or Same IP Error:

    A few times when you reboot your pc you might see that your internet or LAN is not working. You might get a same IP popup on your screen. This occurs if there is a Static IP on the system. To fix that follow the below steps.

    • You must be logged in the Admin account to make changes in the system.
    • Click on Start and in the search box type cmd and hit enter.
    • In that type ipconfig /renew and hit enter.
    • This will refresh the lan settings and renew a New IP.

    LAN Adapter Latency problem:

    Sometime you might get slow speed on internet or while transferring files among pc. This is called as the latency issue. It can be resolved by updating driers. But first we have to find whether the lan adapter in your pc is the actual cause behind this or not. Also sometime the network or lan is not working even when cable is connected. The below process will help you to find whether the lan adapter is dead or not.

    • Click on Start and in the Search box type cmd and hit enter.
    • Now in that type127.1.1.1 -t and hit enter.
    • If you get ping response with minimum ms then it means the lan adapter is working fine there might be some issue with the internet or with the lan network or with the router.
    • But if you are not getting any ping response then it means the lan adapter is dead.

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    Re: Windows Network Adapter Problems Troubleshooting

    No Network Adapter is Found or Missing:

    If your internet instantly stops working then the problem can be with the lan adapter. It might be missing or cannot found. There is also a simple fix for the same.

    • If you are on Windows Vista or higher version then type Device Manager in the Start > Search box.
    • Click on Device Manager and in that look for Network Adapters.
    • Below you can find the adapters listed. If there is exclamation mark on any of those then right click and choose update drivers.
    • You might have to provide your motherboard driver cd or you can download the drivers from the official site of your hardware manufacturer.
    • Updating drivers will fix speed issue, lan connectivity issues, etc.

    Replacing the LAN Adapter:

    If nothing works then the last option left is to replace the lan adapter. In laptop it is not so easy. You have to take them to the service center and they will put a new one on that. While for PC after checking out all the possibilities you can try buying a pci lan card and hook that on the motherboard. Then run the driver cd to update a fresh drivers and done.

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