Android phones extend your usage by offering you several effective apps and is also easy to manage. Today I am going to give you the list of such few apps that can offer you an easy and best way to make video calls on Android. Video calling will help you to communicate in more effective ways with others. You can simply talk and even held meetings. The only major requirement that we have here is a good internet connection. It also works very well on 3G connection. And if you are having Android then you don't have to look much. The apps that I am going to suggest below are mostly based on free video calling. So let's check them one by one.

Google Hangout:

This one is the best and easiest to use. It just needs your Gmail id to start a hangout. And the people with whom you will communicate should be on Gmail. This app comes pre-installed by default in every Android phone. It just needs your front camera access and a good internet connection. And it will do the job. Below are some features which are worth checking.


  • Make call on desktop pc or on mobile or tablet through wifi or 3G.
  • You can make a group of 10 people and chat with them together.
  • You can sync your hangout data with other devices. This consists of history, chat, media files, etc.
  • It is a free app and does not carry any extra charge. You just need a good internet connection for using the same.
  • It supports both front and back camera of a android device.
  • If you are using Google voice then it is also possible to make call on a mobile or on a landline number.
  • It supports other mode of communication like mms, sms, gif, etc.


Viber is only getting popular due to its free voice calling feature. It is a great app for mobile commutation. It gives you video and Voice calling options and it works very well. But as usually you need good internet connectivity for the same. Or else it won't be working properly. It is also a free application.


  • You can make free HD calls through Viber on different android devices.
  • It is a full fledge chat messenger also. It gives you option to share photos with others; it offers you option to share voice messages; you can share location and also emoticons.
  • Compare to hangout, you can make a group of 100 people and communicate with them.
  • There is a dedicated sticker market from where you can download them and use it. And also you can arrange the sticker as per your need.
  • It also support push notification. There is a desktop version also available.


Skype is another popular app which works in the same way. It is a popular chat client which was first introduced on pc. And now it is also on mobile device. Skype is a kind of advance chat messenger that let you do various things. It also has a feature through which you can call people on the mobile or landline. But for that you have to buy Skype credits.


  • It is a free instant messenger and has a great UI. Works cross platform.
  • It let you to send and receive multimedia files of any size for free.
  • You can just create a free video messaging on the same and chat with others for unlimited time.