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Thread: Blacklight: Retribution Gameplay Messed

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    Blacklight: Retribution Gameplay Messed

    Hello i have installed this game recently and i have seen lots of people like this game and some people doesnt. According to me this game have worst gameplay and really disappointed by gameplay. I think this game should remove melee becuase this takes 10X skills. I think this should be removed and along with this speed drop get removed from this game. So what you all think on this gameplay... Comment here.

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    Re: Blacklight: Retribution Gameplay Messed

    First I had 195HP before, now it is 168 with same gear. i think this game is very slow and i also think gameplay not good enough. Main funny think is default armor strong and better than other armor. It has got 175 hp, 8.88 run speed and 12% armor, so i need to know why default armor strong than other armor.

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