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Thread: How to uninstall Preloaded Apps in Android and iPhone to free up space

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    How to uninstall Preloaded Apps in Android and iPhone to free up space

    Pre-loaded apps are always the most annoying thing, specially when you have limited internal storage on your smartphones. Whether you are using an Android device or an Apple Phone, most of the models now a days are just loaded with lots and lots of app that are not really required by most of the users. For example an animated weathers widget or some kind of info app.

    In android this things are called as bloatware. These apps remain in the device storage and they will keep on updating themselves whenever there is a new version. So it is also going to eat your device data bandwidth and storage. Here I am going to show you different ways through which you can just get rid of those things. We will start with Android.

    How to delete Preloaded Apps in Android Smartphones:

    IF you are not happy with all the pre-loaded apps in your Android phone then you can remove them through the default application manager. Most of these apps will be removable.

    1. Tap on the App drawer first to open the list of all apps.
    2. Then tap on app settings and in that you have to look for Application Manager.
    3. In the list you can simply tap on All section and scroll down to find all the apps.
    4. Tap on one of them and choose uninstall.
    5. Some of them might not be removable. So you can disable them if you want.
    6. This is the fastest way of removing apps which are not needed.

    Removing Preloaded Apps in Android via Rooting:

    Rooting is another advance way through which you can get rid of the apps which are not needed. But this will void the device warranty and there is also a risk of getting phone bricked. But this will help you to remove all the apps at one time.

    1. You have to start with rooting the phone. That means you will need to install a custom recovery on the device like CWM or TWRP. There are different methods for different models.
    2. Once you are done with rooting you can remove all those apps which are not needed.
    3. You can download a advance application manager in your device from Google Play and remove apps through that.
    4. Or you can use a pc suite tool like Mobo Genie to remove apps also. It also works in the same way.
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    Re: How to uninstall Preloaded Apps in Android and iPhone to free up space

    Deleting unwanted apps from Apple iPhone:

    Compared to Android there are less provision on iPhone to get rid of apps which are not required. Similar to rooting you can jailbreak your iPhone where you can remove more things. But this also void warranty and it is quiet lot more complicated than Android rooting.

    1. If you had done with jailbreaking then you can tap on the app which you want to remove and hold it for some time. And then delete it. That's it.
    2. The same can be done in a non-jailbreak phone. But you won't get the remove option on few pre-installed apps.
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