Ad-hoc network is quiet a old thing that is used in Windows to share its internet connection. Many of us are not having a wifi at our home. So the best way to share the internet connection that we have is creating a ad-hoc network. And that is very simple. In Windows 10 also this feature is available. And it is very much similar to Windows 7 or older.

So here once again I am going to provide you detail about creating ad-hoc network and share the internet connection with others. It is a way through which you can create a virtual wifi connection and then the same will be available on android or ios devices. You can disconnect the same whenever you want. It is necessary that you must follow the process below properly or else it won't work well. If there is some issue with the connectivity then you have to update your lan drivers.


  • Click on Start, type CMD.
  • When you see Command Prompt in the results, Right click the same and select Run as Administrator.

  • Check that you are running that in the admin mode. Or else you won't be able to run any command.
  • If you are getting a UAC popup on your screen then just allow the same.
  • Now in that type -
    netsh wlan show drivers.
    This will show you the network interface cards active in your system.

  • Here if possible try to update the card driver if it is not visible.
  • If you are on a hosted network then you have to try using some other account. You can try using -
    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=<network name> key=<passkey>.

Just fill up the required details on the command. Like in the network name you have to type the network name you want to create. Like SSID and then you have to add the pass key. Once you are done with that type netsh wlan start hosted network to run the command and enable the network.