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Thread: Nokia Asha 300 Top 5 web browser

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    Nokia Asha 300 Top 5 web browser

    Hello this thread regarding Nokia Asha 300 Top 5 web browser, below are some of the best top 5 web browser for Nokia Asha 300 and I hope you all like this:

    1. Opera Mini web browser


    A better browser for the Internet, Opera is known for its world-class browser for mobile phones, and our latest mobile browsers become more sophisticated, making Opera the best choice for thousands of devices. Simple and elegant functionality even more modernized and expanded. Scrolling and zooming are smoother thanks to the latest technologies. Opera displays Web pages as a whole, as well as a regular computer. Tabs make it possible to quickly change the web pages, and express panel allows you to open your favorite Web sites with one click. The Opera browser is suitable for use on devices like touch screen and keyboard. The browser is very sensitive to your needs, switching between portrait and landscape modes, and also allows you to change the font size for better readability.

    More pages, less waiting

    Internet has never been so quick on your phone. Rapid-page rendering and data compression on the server allows you to download the Opera browser web pages much faster than other browsers. Features such as an address bar, keyboard navigation and screen management saves you time when performing basic operations - address input or scroll through the pages.

    Save money with data compression

    Opera - is a reasonable choice when using expensive calling plans. By reducing the volume of downloaded data, you'll pay much less for the use of the Internet. Opera Mini uses only a tenth of the traffic that normally use other browsers, pressing the page up to 90%. In turn Opera Mobile when the option Opera Turbo compresses data up to 80%, while leaving the ability to disable this function, and getting all the data pages as it happens on your PC.

    2. UC Browser

    The browser supports the viewing of Web pages with a choice between quality and size of images for them, cookie , download files to your phone (at the same time, you can download a few), the reading flows RSS , screen rotation, selection of User-Agent . Loading images on Web pages occurs after loading text and can be canceled to save bandwidth. A distinctive feature is support for up to 12 independent tabs that allows you to view multiple pages. UC Browser includes unique features such as saving 85% of the traffic, versatile technology preview, a powerful download manager; file manager, different search engines, saving pages, paging, and night mode. And all of these functions are improved in version 7.4. This browser night theme, Using the theme of "Night", you can protect your eyes at night. You can browse files or manage your files through the UC Browser. With this browser you can able to save all password and username where you logined.

    3. New and Improved Nokia Browser

    Nokia released new and Improved Nokia browser for Asha mobile phone. With this new browser you can save lots of money and time compare to other browsers. You can load WebPages very quickly and you can save your data charges. Through new web browser you are able to share video, pictures on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter along with this save your login id and passwords. I think this very good browser.

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    Re: Nokia Asha 300 Top 5 web browser

    4. QQ browser

    QQ browser recently released and this has lots new features like:

    • Browsing speed 2x faster, just half size of the other browsers.
    • Up to 90% traffic and time saved through patented cloud compression technology.
    • Hot games, applications, SNS, news are just a few clicks

    Key features:

    1)Languages supported include English, Thai, Indonesian, Hindi and Vietnamese.
    2)Back up contents of your last visited sites.
    3)Click quick links to access most visited sites.
    4)Automatically resume your broken download tasks.

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