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Thread: What GPU works best with Windows 10 Technical Preview

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    What GPU works best with Windows 10 Technical Preview

    I had upgraded my system to Windows 10 Technical Preview. But I am getting a bit blurry resolution on the same. It does not look to be working really well. I am not able to figure out the reason behind the same. It is a bit complicated to understand the reason behind such issue. I want to know that does Windows 10 Technical Preview needs some kind of basic gpu to run. I tried looking for the minimum system requirements that showed it is not really necessary. It might work well on a regular on board graphics.

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    Re: What GPU works best with Windows 10 Technical Preview

    I do not think really think you will need the same. If you are playing the game on a very old system then it will be very complicated to use. It is necessary that you must simply go ahead and update your video drivers and then test back.

    You can run windows update also for the same. If you are having blurry outputs, try reducing the screen resolution to a lower one and then again test back. It will start working and you will get an appropriate output.

    You can find the drivers on the official site of your laptop or motherboard manufacturer.

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    Re: What GPU works best with Windows 10 Technical Preview

    You must have atleast a dual core processor with 4GB RAM and a good video memory. If your system can run Windows 8.1 properly then it won't be complicated for you to use Windows 10 also. It is quite sure you can find the drivers for the same. This is a driver issue.

    Do not install your old drivers in that. Depending on your motherboard model you have to simply check that you are downloading and using the right drivers based on your operating system. And then it might start working.

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