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Thread: Blinking cursor in my laptop

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    Blinking cursor in my laptop

    I am having a laptop, my younger brother plays lot in my machine, he had installed a game in my machine and I think the setup of the game was corrupted , it is not letting my machine boot, I think the game had some virus with it, because it will not let me access my machine. It just shows a black screen. Please help me out to get this issue resolved .

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    Re: Blinking cursor in my laptop

    According to me the screen is blinking cursor, but still let me have a confirmation that it was the black screen of blinking cursor. If there is a black colored screen and the system wont boot and you do not see do anything except a cursor that blinks continuously on the top left corner of that particular screen. If the screen in your display resembles what I have said above then it is definitely the blinking cursor.

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    Re: Blinking cursor in my laptop

    Well I am too sure that the issue you are facing is the problem of blinking cursor, well according to me what you need to do is you need to re install the operating system, that would be the best option to do . The advantage here is that windows 7 does not require any sort of drivers to be installed, but just the cd of installation .

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