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Thread: My f8 key does not work in Dell Inspiron?

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    My f8 key does not work in Dell Inspiron?

    I have got a Dell Inspiron system, installed Windows 7 operating system, I had faced an issue of BSOD, I know a bit how to repair that, but the issue is I am not able to work with the f8 key, but the issue its not working when its intended to work, I keep on tapping the key but still of no use during the boot process. Is not it the strange issue I am facing. I need to get few ideas on it.

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    Re: My f8 key does not work in Dell Inspiron?

    Before going further can you kindly tell all things in details which is the operating system installed in your machine? What is the specifications of the machine or laptop does your friend has? usually, you don't press F8 you tap it every second or less. Are you not at all able to boot to the desktop or if you could then can you go to start and then run and type msconfig. You should see numerous tabs across the top. One of them, when chosen, has, in the center of the page, a box you can check that says "Safe Boot", check that box, and then click Apply and OK and it will show you to restart the computer.

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    Re: My f8 key does not work in Dell Inspiron?

    The blue screen error can occur because of settings several things, like for example damaged ram, drivers conflicting, etc. What is the manufacturer or model of that machine desktop, there is one way to get your issue diagnosed can you get a screenshot of the BSOD error and then paste it over here. If you have the operating system disk, can you attempt to repair the desktop with same and see if the issue remains the same

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