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Thread: Windows Defender stuck on an update on Windows 10

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    Windows Defender stuck on an update on Windows 10

    Every time I get a popup about installing an update for windows defender. But it does not install it. I allow downloading the update and after a few minutes it also shows me the update process. That is done.

    But next day when I turn my pc on back, I am getting the same kind of error on the screen. I am not able to figure out why this thing keeps on coming up again and again. I had tried installing it every time but it still shows that things are pending.

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    Re: Windows Defender stuck on an update on Windows 10

    It looks the update is damage due to which you are getting the error. You will have to download that manually from Microsoft site and install the same. It might stop the error permanently which you are facing.

    You can find more information about that in Event Viewer. Just go in that and look for any specific error code and on that basis you can troubleshoot the update problem. You can try running system file checker through cmd. It will fix damage system files.

    Just type sfc/ scannow and hit enter.

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    Re: Windows Defender stuck on an update on Windows 10

    Ignore that thing. I keep the update installation on manual. I get a popup first and then from that I choose which update to install and ignore the other one. That is the best way to prevent this kind of errors.

    Most of the time the update is replaced to fix the bug. You just have to report an error for the same. With Windows Defender it is also recommended to use a good internet security pack. So that you can get a extra layer of security in your system.

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