TAG Heuer, the popular Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches is known to provide a unique balance between the quality of building materials and technology in watches, but recently announced the TAG Heuer Racer; a luxury Android Smartphone will be available in the market from July, at a price of approximately $ 3600, or whatever it is, 2,800.

The 'Racer' will cost nearly six times the price of a Note Galaxy, and the manufacturer has not even bothered to give details of the specifications. All I know is that probably will come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. They also refer to a high-speed processor, but would not bet that this is a quad-core processor.

This new Android Smartphone is characterized by a shell made of carbon fiber, titanium and rubber inserts to protect it against drops. The Tag Heuer will be launched at a price of no less than 2,800 Euros, with regard to technical specifications; the manufacturer is limited to confirming the presence of a high-speed processor, without going into details. In the inner part of the luxury phone we find a "high-speed processor" and the latest version of the Android software, Ice Cream Sandwich, with a new 3D user interface is completely customizable. Unfortunately, we currently have no further information about the device.