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Thread: Zynga Slingo stuck at coin flip

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    Zynga Slingo stuck at coin flip

    It started because my power went out mid-level, and the level was saved, at a point where the coin was spinning. When I came back, it said it had saved the game, and brought up the same numbers, with the coin, and keeps asking if I want to buy a bonus item or not. Whether I buy it or not, it's stuck there. I cleared the cache, more than once, tried another browser (IE usually, tried Firefox), I even tried from another computer, no luck.

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    Re: Zynga Slingo stuck at coin flip

    Mine is having a similar problem my game needed to be reloaded just after I have an Angel/Devil spin n now its stuck on it spinning I can't finish my game I started days ago hope this can be fixed I have loved Slingo for many years and waited so long for this game to be on Facebook also I use Google chrome.

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    Re: Zynga Slingo stuck at coin flip

    For the past couple days my game keeps loading where it was saved but the Slingo coin asks to be bought to zap it, I buy a zapper and the coin continues to spin. I have even deleted cookies and temporary internet files as well as removing the game then re-allowing and its still doing the same thing.

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    Re: Zynga Slingo stuck at coin flip

    Please try these trouble shooting steps first:
    1) disable secure browsing in Facebook settings if it is enabled
    (account settings > security > secure browsing)
    2) switch browsers (I like Firefox), also make sure the browser is upgraded to the latest version
    3) update flash player
    4) delete all browser cache and cookies
    5) delete flash cache
    6) Uninstall and reinstall the game in Facebook (don't worry, your progress will be saved)
    7) check to see if your OS is up to date
    8) restart computer
    This will solve your problem for sure.

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