Rocksmith proposes a new mechanism of how rock through a game, unfortunately, has taken the first step, but for my taste with plenty of flaws.

Real Guitar

To play Rocksmith unlike Guitar Hero or Rock Band need a real guitar, a real, wood and not plastic.

This certainly is a big step in games of this feature, and to be honest ... nothing less rock than the plastic guitar. I confess I toyed with the guitar and having so much fun ... but I also play electric guitar ... and has no jurisdiction over the other.


The game is a basic tutorial to learn how to play guitar. Like other games this offers us songs that we gradually overcome with hard work and training. It also contains exercises to take a bit of technique.

The notes and chords that we play will appear as they do in GuitarHero, this approach has worked and appeared to want to keep.

Only amateurs

Certainly the game is not for virtuoso musicians, only to beginners and that the level of difficulty is very simple. There are no songs too hard or too extreme challenges.

The game has a list of topics that have songs: Nirvana, Radiohead, Rolling Stones, Cream, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more. This is certainly a strong point of the game.


Clearly, the idea of ??using a USB-connected real guitar is incredible, because we can mix two worlds really so great as the music and video games.

No doubt the game has many flaws such as: the level of simplicity and monotony. On the other hand I personally believe in this project and I think the next version or expansion may offer something more interesting.

Rocksmith Currently available for Xbox360, PS3 and PC.