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Thread: Which antivirus comes with remote access?

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    Which antivirus comes with remote access?

    I want an antivirus that comes with remote access. So that I can use it from any location. I want a multi-user pack for my office and home both. I have around total 16 PC altogether. I am using a free edition of AVG on all my systems right now. I am looking for a reliable and good antivirus that can offer me all round security with remote access. So that I can make changes in the security options.

    I want this to add and remove applications from the firewall. I had seen ample of time this are configured manually from the PC. If the antivirus has remote access then I can allow and disallow various connections. Also I can keep an eye on the updates. Guys if you can help on my issue then it will be much appreciable.

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    Re: Which antivirus comes with remote access?

    There are plenty of them that come with remote access. You can use AVAST for that. It comes with remote help feature through which you can manage your antivirus settings as per your need. avast!'s new Remote Assistance lets you initiate remote support from a family member or friend who agrees to help. Initiated by you, it routes through AVAST's servers, bypasses firewalls, and can be terminated by you at any time.

    You don't have to worry for any location based things here. Through this you can simply configure the remote access and make changes in the antivirus. It works very effective and work through AVAST's server where you get maximum security. You can simply use a multi-user pack here. It is simple to use and with minimum settings to configure. Most of the things are automatic in it.

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    Re: Which antivirus comes with remote access?

    Most of the antiviruses offer you remote access. Where you can login to some PC and make changes. It is very much similar to remote desktop support. But there is one antivirus that can offer you more protection and more features in the remote access.

    You can go with ESET. It comes with advanced remote administration tool. It allows you to simply manage your all settings from one place. It has a central dash board to manage all the security settings and you can access things from your mobile, server, etc. It is quite simple to use and configure. You will have to use ESET Remote Administrator Server for the same. You can test it by downloading from the official site.

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