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Thread: Is it possible to migrate an antivirus from one pc to another

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    Is it possible to migrate an antivirus from one pc to another

    I am using a license copy of a antivirus in my old laptop. I have a new one at my office. I want some way through which I can migrate this antivirus in my office pc.

    I am having Windows 7 here. I had tried looking around for some tool but many say that it is not possible. I do not have any documents with me that was having a serial key or any other activation kind of method. It is actually a cloud based antivirus which I had bought a long time ago. It is a lifetime edition.

    I found this antivirus very effective against online threats. I do not want to go for any new one. Rather I will go with this old. But I am not able to go with migration stuff. I am looking for some help for the same.

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    Re: Is it possible to migrate an antivirus from one pc to another

    I do not think there is a direct way of moving a application from one pc to another. You have to migrate the entire operating system for the same. You have use disk image software and you will need to copy your windows partition. Then you can use the same software in new pc and go for the migration purpose.

    It is the easiest and simplest way. You will get all your data, files in the new pc. This is called as disc cloning. You can find ample of good software that can provide you a stable output. Go with a bootable media. One through which you can migrate using a optical drive. Things will be a lot easier on the same.

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    Re: Is it possible to migrate an antivirus from one pc to another

    If you are ready to do that then you can try using Acronis. I had bought a new laptop and I want my old programs in that. Instead of installing everything one by one I simply copied the entire windows partition into a single DVD.

    And then I installed the same to the new pc. You just have to create exactly same partition for the same and then you can use the DVD to restore it. You can keep the DVD with you. The good part of using this is that you don't have to re-activate the software again and again. It just works fine.

    There are many tools that can do this. You can try out different one if you think Acronis is tough to use.

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