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Thread: Comparing Chromium and Firefox 10 in UBuntu

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    Comparing Chromium and Firefox 10 in UBuntu

    At present I am using the Firefox 10 and Chromium on UBuntu 11.10. It looks as if every time I run Firefox my processor is running fast as well as the Fan. While working with Chromium I felt that this is very fast browser compared to Mozilla Firefox. So I think that Firefox 10 is not yet built enough that it can compare with Chromium.

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    Re: Comparing Chromium and Firefox 10 in UBuntu

    Google gathers the most info about the way the Google search frequently if you are possibly using the Firefox. I for myself put chromium since it is for me as a web developer at present the best browser. Firefox comes up with AddOns unluckily still a prop. I do not get disturb in the performance with Chromium extensions installed.

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    Re: Comparing Chromium and Firefox 10 in UBuntu

    Which browser should you in the end choose depends on which items you think most significant. But if your whole day spent on the web, Firefox and Chrome earning preferable to IE9. They present more development and better support for HTML5. In our judgment both Firefox and Google clinch five victories. A clear winner is not. There are a few more options needed to handle and sync tabs, Firefox is your browser. Need a simple and fast browser, Chrome is the most excellent option.

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