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Thread: What is this Backoff Malware?

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    What is this Backoff Malware?

    Backoff malware is lots in the news and I am trying to find out what is this actually. There are news site which says US has warned about the same. I am doing a lot of banking transaction in my pc and I want to know about the same. What is this and what it actually does? Does it steal banking and credit card passwords? If yes then how to keep your system safe from this. I have a good antivirus in my pc and am it enough to keep the system secure. I am using quick heal. How to find that this malware is in my pc or not.

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    Re: What is this Backoff Malware?

    It is a new malware that is spreading out in the market. It is a kind of point of sales system. Where you have to register on a some site and you can you will get a few things to buy at a very cheap price. All you have to do is type of credit card details and buy it. But it is actually a fake thing.

    It is a malware and when you get any of these popup skips them. Buy things only from trusted sources. Do not buy from any site. There are many fake sites which record your banking details and misuse the same.

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    Re: What is this Backoff Malware?

    This malware can also work in the form of popular eCommerce store. It is not very clear how it really works but it is in news that many stores are compromised. And you have to take care while buying the same. Keep your credit card locked with passwords. A card that does not has a pin or OTP is very risky. The safest way to authorize a transaction is using OTP all the time. Without having a code the transaction is cancelled automatically. In PIN it can also get leaked.

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