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Thread: Will it be comfortable to use stylus on a regular monitor

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    Will it be comfortable to use stylus on a regular monitor

    I found one tool that can help me to convert my existing monitor to a touch screen one. I want to know that will be comfortable to use. I am pursuing a course in fashion designing. And for that I am trying to find a good touchscreen solution for my pc.

    I want to use a stylus to design stuff on the screen and there is software for that. But what I can find is costly all in one. Which I do not want to go for. I want some budget solution. I have a flat LCD monitor that I can place on the desk through special mount and use it like touch screen stuff.

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    Re: Will it be comfortable to use stylus on a regular monitor

    No it is not going to work. You have to buy a touchscreen monitor that. And if you try to do that on your screen then you will face issue with calibration. The touch support will not be so great. A touch screen monitor compare to that is designed to work with stylus. It is quiet sensitive to use. I will recommend you to search only for touchscreen monitor. There is no need to go for all in one pc. There are good touch screen monitors that you can use with your pc and this comes with a stylus.

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    Re: Will it be comfortable to use stylus on a regular monitor

    I agree that if you need something for designing purpose then you have to go with a touch screen monitor. Because it is a specially designed hardware that will give you a more appropriate output than a tool which will convert your existing monitor to touch screen?

    Try to find the cost of Dell 21.5 inch Touch Monitor (S2240T) in your local shop. This one is the best monitor with touch screen support. It comes with a nice stand through which you can use the same more effectively. It is a nice touches sensitive monitor.

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