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Thread: How to Backup, recover and Manage iPhone Contacts

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    How to Backup, recover and Manage iPhone Contacts

    In today's world where technology has taken away all the worries of humankind it has also inculcated a sense of fear to lose what technology has to offer. One of these things include losing your contact backup. I'm sure one of the most important things in your phone these days are your Contacts, essentially because they are your business client or you cant even remember your Mother's number.In any of the case it is very important for us to be one step ahead and take the necessary steps to save our data, as there is no room for regret even if we accidentally happen to lose this precious data.

    If you are an iPhone user I'm presuming that all of you are aware about the iOS backup that can be scheduled on your desktop or laptop or iCloud. So you can either use this traditional way to back up a lot of other things in addition to the Contacts or else read further to know some applications which might turn helpful in terms of Just the Contacts.

    Contacts+ : This application lets you backup all your Contacts, sort them out into groups and also import additional information from Facebook and LinkedIn. It even adds birthdays so if you are someone who forgets things easily, this one is for you!

    FoneLab 8 : This essentially helps your import all your contacts. it can create backup and you can easily restore these contacts using this application. This also helps you backup other stuff such as Whatsapp conversations which the iTunes backup generally wouldn’t touch.

    Sync.ME : This application brings widgets to your built in Contacts App. You can record VOIP phone and also capture business cards using your phone camera.

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    Re: How to Backup, recover and Manage iPhone Contacts

    Even though there are tons of other applications that might work on the same lines, I have personally used these three and I'm really impressed with what they have to deliver. All you iPhone users this is a must-try for the ones who are skeptical about losing your Contacts.

    All the Best and Keep your Data Safe.

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    Re: How to Backup, recover and Manage iPhone Contacts

    iTunes will backup the contacts from an iPhone by default unless you have disabled it, you can make sure this happens by doing the following:
    1.Connect the iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes.
    2.Select the device from the left-side list, and click on the "Info" tab.
    3.Verify that "Sync Contacts" is checked.

    For more information: How to Backup iPhone Contacts

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    Re: How to Backup, recover and Manage iPhone Contacts

    What's more, try FonePaw iOS Transfer tool to manage your iPhone contacts. It can support you to edit, import, export and backup iPhone contacts.

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