In February Gov.Jerry Brown signed the “kill switch” bill by State Sen.Mark Leno which was sponsored by District Attorney of San Francisco George Gascon on Monday. The aim of this bill is to stop the growing smartphones theft. From 1st July 2015 on wards it will be mandatory to all smartphone makers to install kill switch on the phones a way to lock down the phone if its stolen.

The main work of this software is it will enable user to lock down a phone after the device is stolen and making the phone inoperable. The user can also reactivate the phone if got it back with a correct password or personal identification number. Every smartphone vendor can come up with their own system. The law doesn’t disclose what will happen to the data on the phone when it is locked and how the system locks the phone.

Apple, Google and Samsung has said yes to add kill-switch feature on phone after July of next year. Minnesota was the first state to sign kill switch bill earlier this may, California is the second state to implement such law. An associate professor of data science at Creighton University William Duckworth said that kill switch can save millions dollars of American consumers if not billion of dollars.

After 1st July 2015 if any company does not comply with this new law and sold any device without kill switch there will a fine of $2,500 for every device which is sold.