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Thread: Rooting Xiaomi Mi3 MIUI Rom Build 15 to 23

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    Rooting Xiaomi Mi3 MIUI Rom Build 15 to 23

    Xiaomi Mi3 is quiet successful in India. This device is offering you amazing features at a very budget price. This phone brings you the feature of a high end Smartphone at a very less price. At Rs.13,999 it offer you a many capabilities that you won't get in anything. Today I am going to show you the process of rooting Xiaomi Mi3. The rooting process is common for Build 15, 18, 19, 22, 23. The device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 8274AB processor with Adreno 330 gpu and 2GB RAM. It brings amazing 13 Megapixels primary camera with dual-LED and a standard 2 Megapixels camera on the front side.

    Xiaomi Mi3 is a sleek design phone that has a entirely new UI. It is built on the latest android operating system. The phone is amazing for using different of application and playing games. After rooting you can just extend the capability of this device more. But being a unofficial process you won't get any warranty support after that. Rooting allow you to play with internal rom. It is true that in future we are going to get a lot of custom rom for Xiaomi Mi3. Due to good hardware, the phone is able to manage simple multi-tasking and you won't face any performance issue. If we sit and compare Xiaomi Mi3 with other phone, then in all aspect you will find this device a lot more amazing model.

    After rooting if you are a geek and love to play with android rom, you will be able to get more amazing benefits. You can modify the permission and get rid of any bloat ware app installed in the phone. You can back up the existing rom and play with some custom one. It is essential that you must do this on your own risk. The process is not complicated but can cause issue if you don't do it is properly. And as I mentioned earlier you will lose the device warranty and no long will receive any upcoming future OTA updates on the device.

    Things to do before:

    Below procedure is tested on Xiaomi Mi3. It will allow you to root your phone. You must do it on your own risk. We are not responsible for any problem occurred to your phone after rooting. This is a one way process. That means once the device is rooted you won't un-root the same back again and restore its original position.

    • You have to download Xiaomi Mi3 Root Package. This consists of all files that are needed for the rooting purpose.

    • The zip file consist of different tools on the basis of Xiaomi Mi3 Build. Choose the right file. You can find the build number under Settings > About Phone. Check the MIUI version and use the right file.

    • Charge your phone to maximum. Do not root if charging is low because your device can face problem if it switched off while rooting process.

    • Once done with the rooting you can install root checker app to verify the permission.

    • After rooting the first thing I will recommend you is to backup your rom. There are many ways of doing that. So that you can restore if any issue occur after that.

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    Re: Rooting Xiaomi Mi3 MIUI Rom Build 15 to 23

    Rooting Process:

    • Extract the content of Downloaded Zip file in a folder of your desktop. You have to check your build number first and choose the right folder from the downloaded files.
    • Connect Xiaomi Mi3 to your pc through original usb cable.
    • Copy the file to the root direction of your internal storage. Do not move it inside any folder. Put the same in the root folder. There will be a file.
    • Disconnect the phone. Look for tools and then tap on updater. And then tap on select the update package from the below menu.
    • Choose the file. You will get a message on your screen regarding the process.
    • Tap on update and the process will start. Wait back until it is over. If the device restarts then there is nothing to worry. The process will continue after that.
    • At the end you will get a message about update over. To finalize you have to go in the security option where you can find general settings. From here you have to select allow root permission access. That's it Xiaomi Mi3 is not rooted.

    Source: androidadvices

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