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Thread: How to build up an affordable private cloud for data backup

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    How to build up an affordable private cloud for data backup

    Cloud is ideal for data backup. Right now I am having only one solution which is Google Drive. I want some way to find out the most affordable way through which I can build up private cloud. I want to keep all things restricted so that no one can access the data and things which are stored in the cloud. Is there a good service like that in the market. There will be around 10 users who are going to use the same and will be accessing the data.

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    Re: How to build up an affordable private cloud for data backup

    Personal cloud server is a different think. You can try using Younity for the same. It is a kind of iOS app that simply allows you to sync all your files from your pc. It provides you a simple cloud through which you can keep your files private.

    It allows users to access their desktop files from mobile phone and simply share the same them with others. It is very easy to use and ample of great benefits. You can share a lot of things through this.

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    Re: How to build up an affordable private cloud for data backup

    If you want an affordable solution and that also in your home then you can go with NAS servers. Here your files will remain in your network and will not be used by others. It will remain secured and will allow you an affordable solution.

    You can use this to store and share files between a computer networks. It is compatible with the service called as cloud. Many nas server providers provide you this service directly.

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    Re: How to build up an affordable private cloud for data backup

    Here's the solution of your problem. As i see you are looking for an affordable and private Cloud storage for data back up.
    CloudBacko is the software which provides free cloud storage available from Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox into a single large storage. Data is fully secured and user can easily retrieve his back up data by performing some simple steps. CloudBacko is very easy to use and there should be no need of installation, because it can be accessible through any of the Social Media Site. For more information visit to the link....

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