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Thread: What are the new way evolved to make payment online

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    What are the new way evolved to make payment online

    Ecommerce has become quite popular today and that provide us different options to make transactions. It is very common type of thing that you can do while buying and selling products on the Web. Today the top payment modes are bank debit or credit cards.

    I wanted to know some more services for online payment. That can help us to make small payment. The one that I have is PayPal which looks costly to me. I want to know what the other ways of online payment are.

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    Re: What are the new way evolved to make payment online

    There are few payment gateway that can be used in buying and selling. A new upcoming way which is slowing growing up is buying virtual currencies. But this has not become popular yet. Here you get virtual assets on the Internet that you can use for making payment. The best example I can give you is bit coins. Yet there is no information about that. There is no central regulatory that can help you to control the same. So this thing is less popular.

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    Re: What are the new way evolved to make payment online

    You can get a good service by a bank if you want a nice payment gateway. And if you want something else you can go with wallet type of stuff. A new thing that recently came up is Amazon Coin.

    Amazon is a big company to announce a virtual currency. And you can use this to buy stuff from Amazon. Through this new currency you can buy apps, books, etc. in Kindle. For a dollar you get 100 Coins. And you can use them for purchase.

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    Re: What are the new way evolved to make payment online

    Hi guy,The Amazon Payments system,consumers can make purchases online, in a way that is more secure and more convenient. Through the Amazon Payments system, Amazon is offering the Amazon Mobile Payment Service (MPS). With this system, customers can make purchases with their mobile phones.

    The Popular Mobile Payment Systems are:
    Amazon Payments/Amazon Mobile Payments Service

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