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Thread: Does government track user behavior on social networking?

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    Does government track user behavior on social networking?

    Today we have social networking as one of the biggest threat for disturbing public peace. Someone updates a offensive message that hurts a group or community and then starts a blunder. I want to know that does government agencies really work on the same. Do they track behaviors of users who are trying to do bad stuff through social networking? Usually people do not report the same. But this must be blocked from the source that would help a lot.

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    Re: Does government track user behavior on social networking?

    Yes it has been started. This is called as social behavior which is governed. Before the government ignore this thing. But due to many event incidents this has been monitored quiet strictly.

    There are few set of unwritten rules which are used by part of a group or culture. And this rule shows how we interact with others. On Internet we are actually free to do anything and many people take benefit of the same causing havoc.

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    Re: Does government track user behavior on social networking?

    Social networking sites like Facebook should stay ahead to work with government.

    It is actually a kind of freedom of speech to people. Where people can interact and stop bad things. But it also brings a lot of negative aspect. There is a term called as netiquette. It is not so trending but it is under operation. It consists of guidelines that you can use.

    There are simple things you can follow in this to keep your user behavior good on the web.

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