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Thread: Suddenly my pc started working slow

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    Suddenly my pc started working slow

    Sometimes my pc just behaves like a alien. It works well when I turn it on in the morning and after 4 hours of continues usage the system starts freezing.

    It gives me a really hard time to even open up my Word file. Then I turn the system off for few hours. And when I turn it on back again it starts working. I am not having any virus issue, because my antivirus does not gives me any indication of that.

    There is some else issue. I have 4GB RAM that means all application must start fast.

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    Re: Suddenly my pc started working slow

    You have to find what all things are working in your pc. You said that the pc gets slow down automatically. So there can be some kind of backup application that is causing issue. If you had configured auto backup on your system then try to check the same.

    It might be ruining at a specific time interval and that is causing your pc to work slow. You can check that instantly in Task Manager. There you can find which service is eating how much memory and on that basis you can troubleshoot the performance problem.

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    Re: Suddenly my pc started working slow

    It happens because of your RAM is getting used by many application at a time and one important factor to be computer slow is conjugation of Temp files or junk files. So better clear all files and make cashed clear and do once CCleaner run in a day.

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    Re: Suddenly my pc started working slow

    I had seen this problem on my laptop. It is not due to a application backup. It is due to antivirus scanning. I think the time you said is when antivirus starts the scanning. And you get this performance issue. You can check that in system tray. If the scan is running then it means the antivirus is eating up the system resources. You have to leave your work aside or you can just stop that. Many antivirus has option through which you can postpone the scan for later period. If this is not the issue then try to remove programs that you are not using. So that unwanted services can stop.

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