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Thread: New folders keeps on appearing up in D drive in Windows 8

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    New folders keeps on appearing up in D drive in Windows 8

    I notice a few weird things in my pc. I have two partitions in my pc. In Drive I keep all my files. I have created separate folders for software, movies, files, photos, etc. This morning when I opened it I found a similar folder inside. The name was exactly the same.

    In Software there is a folder with same name and in movies there is another. And it appears in each and every folder of my pc. What is this thing? I opened the folder and it is empty. Sometime I am not able to delete it. But when I boot in safe mode I can delete the same.

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    Re: New folders keeps on appearing up in D drive in Windows 8

    That is not due to Windows 8.1 that is due to virus. Your pc has a Trojan virus. You have to scan your pc with some good antivirus. The one that you are using is not effective or might be outdated.

    There is one way to resolve the issue. Download and install Norton trail in your pc. Update the antivirus and run a full system scan. Norton has a feature through which it will heal the file which is damage by virus. And once cleaned remove it.

    Then you can download any popular and good free edition antivirus and use it.

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    Re: New folders keeps on appearing up in D drive in Windows 8

    You must never double click on those similar folders. It is complicated to deal with the issue. These folders are virus and it will keep on spreading on your system. Try to back up your files first. Do not copy the folders.

    Copy the files which are inside the folder. And then format your pc. Install a good antivirus and scan your backup files before moving them back in the pc. The duplicate folder virus is very nasty and complicated to remove. It will cause big issue in the system later on where all your folders will be turned to exe file.

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