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Thread: All mails are automatically deleted from Live Mail

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    All mails are automatically deleted from Live Mail

    There is a big tragedy happened this morning. I turned on my pc and saw that all the mails in Live mail client are deleted. There were over 2 years of messages in that and now there is nothing.

    I want some help here through which I can simply recover those files. This has never happened to me but this I the first time I am facing issue. I had done some changes recently in the system. I was installing a few themes and recovery software.

    One of them cloned the entire partition and saved that on a secondary partition. I do not think that can cause the issue.

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    Re: All mails are automatically deleted from Live Mail

    This is weird. This does not happen on its own. You might have done something wrong in the system due to which you had lost the mails. Just check once that recently you might have run some cleaning software. And that cleaning software has wiped out the mails.

    It will be complicated for you to recover them unless you have any recovery software installed in the pc. It is good to keep a regular backup as your habit. If you lose your data you have chances to recover that again. But if you are not having backup then it is gone.

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    Re: All mails are automatically deleted from Live Mail

    It is right that you must use some kind of backup stuff that can help you to recover your files. Or else it is very hard to get those things back. There are chances to get your mail if you had configured your mail as imap. Because in imap your mails are stored in the server also.

    But if you had configured that as pop then you had lost your mails. Because they are deleted from the mail server. Just try to login to your account and check once. Check your trash section also. If there is nothing then the mails are gone.

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