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Thread: Can I tweak Windows 8.1 desktop to look like Windows XP

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    Can I tweak Windows 8.1 desktop to look like Windows XP

    I am a great fan of Windows XP and I was using it from really long time. My work is only related to typing. And I do that in an old software that take care about spelling correction when I keep on typing. Now my office people gave me a laptop that has Windows 8.1. It is very hard for me to switch to the new interface. I am quiet struggling to understand all the features in that. I want some help through which I can simply change the look of Windows 8.1 to Windows XP. I want the same old start menu with very basic UI.

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    Re: Can I tweak Windows 8.1 desktop to look like Windows XP

    You cannot do that. It is not possible. It is possible to change Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7 through transformation pack. This only adds the UI. In the same way you can change the look for Windows 7 to Windows 8 through a transformation pack, you cannot get the old Windows XP look on your desktop pc.

    You can ask your office people to dual boot the system. Install Windows XP at one end and you can use Windows 8.1 on the other. This gives you dual option. You can learn Windows 8.1 slowly.

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    Re: Can I tweak Windows 8.1 desktop to look like Windows XP

    It is very complicated to use Windows 8.1 for the first time. Because we have that start menu habit. And Microsoft has removed it. You can try one thing.

    There are some transformation packs on the web that can give you Windows 7 look on Windows 8.1. It will add a basic start menu on your desktop and it will work well. It will not be exact like Windows 7 but you can manage to work on the same. Because Windows 7 is lot more easy to use after switching from XP. Just try that.

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