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Thread: No eject button for Tata Photon Wifi

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    No eject button for Tata Photon Wifi

    I bought a new TATA Photon USB dongle. I am not able to see any eject button in the system tray when I connect it to my pc through usb. After connecting, it open up a web page where it shows that it is connected. I am able to use my internet connection on the same. The speed is just amazing here. I am able to download a lot of things on it.

    But to exist I cannot see any eject button. In my last photon I was able to see the green arrow button which is used for ejecting the usb dongle. Will it harm the device if I remove it directly?

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    Re: No eject button for Tata Photon Wifi

    TATA Photon wifi does not have such thing. You can remove it directly. And if you think that it is risky then you can shut down your laptop and then remove it. That will be a lot simpler option for you. It is a portable wifi hotspot that works in two ways. First when you connect the same to your pc through usb cable. It will start working and second it will work through wifi connection. To disconnect you can click on the web page. And remove it. That is the only thing you need. It will work fine.

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    Re: No eject button for Tata Photon Wifi

    I am using TATA Photon Wifi on my power connector. I had connected it to the pc for the first time and it started working. Later on bought an usb charger for the same and connected the usb dongle to the power. It works really well. I turn it on when needed and then switch it off. There is no issue.

    It comes with a 1 year warranty so you don't have to worry much about that. You can use it. The best way to use the dongle is connect the same to your power connector with a charger. And share the net with everyone.

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