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Thread: Acer Aspire P3 Review

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    Acer Aspire P3 Review


    Acer is market leader in laptops and desktop segment but from past few years it had put his hand to firm the ground in tablet and smartphone segment too. Acer has already released its latest flagship running on Windows 8.1 OS in tablet section named Acer Iconia A3 to fill the space in entry level segment. Now Acer is trying to firm its leg in high-end segment too as Acer is all set to launch its Ultrabook line in the market. We don’t know why this is called as Ultrabook as it has all features similar to tablet but still Acer calls it as Ultrabook. It posses build and design same like tablet and hardware specs similar to Ultrabooks.

    Acer Aspire P3 is the name of new flagship all set to mark its presence in the market. Aspire is the brand name of laptop but now Aspire brand name will serve in Acer’s tablet section too. All we can say with the features on the paper by Acer seems fantastic but we are going to dig it hard to know whether this device deserves to be the best device in the market and will try to differentiate whether this device is tablet or a laptop.


    Acer Aspire P3 is designed clean with the help of aluminum casing and is very difficult to differentiate between Acer’s W700 and Aspire P3. Straight-sided design and slim metal casing does not look so appreciable. With the help of aluminum casing tablet has gained weight of 1.72 pounds but together with keyboard casing it measures up to 3 pounds. Acer has tried its best to mature its ergonomics and all we can say it is good but not so attractive compare to Apple’s iPad. Hardware buttons are placed properly on the sides of the tablet and back of the tablet looks cool.

    Let’s explore in detail about the ergonomics of the tablet, front of the tablet has huge screen and screen can be hold in both landscape as well as portrait according to the usage. If you are using as tablet you can use it in portrait mode if you are using keyboard case then tilt the tablet and convert it in laptop. One button of Windows start button below the screen rest all space is left vacant, above the display houses with front camera of the tablet. As the tablet is not having calling feature so there is no earpiece on the top of screen nor it has ambient or proximity light sensors. Silver body and black screen color combination looks good whereas back is full silver colored body.

    Back of the tablet is hovering with 5MP camera with no flash on the left top of the tablet whereas Acer branding on the right centre of the tablet. Below the branding of the Acer we see branding for Windows and Intel processors. Sides of the tablet are well arranged with single USB 3.0 port, 3.5mm audio and micro HDMI but no SD card slot. Aspire P3 has stereo speakers placed on the down side of the laptop when hold in landscape mode. Overall the design and ergonomics of the tablet is good.

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    Re: Acer Aspire P3 Review


    Acer Aspire P3 has huge display of 11.6 inch tablet with resolution of 1366x768 pixels but we were hoping for full HD display which was found in Iconia W700. IPS technology used in the display does the work by providing sharp and bright display whereas viewing angle of the tablet is also impressive.

    Resolution of the display provides wide viewing angle measuring up to 422 units of brightness. Sun-legibility of the display is also very good as contrast ratio of the tablet measure at 900:1 and also produces decent black levels. Display test of the tablet in Adobe RGB and sRGB scores well 70% in sRGB and 54% in Adobe RGB which is pleasing score but from the view of graphic profession display needs to be more advanced.


    The Aspire P3 has good hardware specs as the tablet is running on Intel core processors with effective physical memory. Intel core processors are mostly known for multi-threading feature so we can expect fine performance on this tablet. Specifications of Aspire P3 are as follows 1.5GHz Intel Core i5-3339Y dual core CPU with 4GB RAM is all we need to make optimum use of any device.

    Multi-tasking and multi-processing of the apps and browsers is handled quite easily. Compare to Iconia W700 performance of the tablet falls on lower side because it has more powerful specs. Storage problem is handled by 120 GB of SSD drive which has good read and write speed.

    Graphics related programs and apps are smoothly handled by Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics. Enjoy HD gaming and HD movies with ease on your Aspire P3. Gaming is effective but if you like to play 3D games then this tablet will not be the best choice for you. If you wish to make use of your tablet as laptop you can dock your tablet in to Bluetooth enabled keyboard case and operate your device as laptop. With respect to the price tagged for this machine performance rating of the device is good.


    Main camera in Aspire P3 is of 5MP and is capable to capture good images but absence of flash results in disappointment as we were unable to capture clear images in dark light. In short images come good and natural when captured in outdoor but the performance is reverse while operated in dark or low light condition.

    5MP camera is capable to shoot video at HD resolution which is plus one point for camera section of Aspire P3. Front camera functions well to handle video chat and video conferencing.


    Acer Aspire P3 is running on Windows 8 64bit OS but we were expecting that Aspire P3 to run on latest version of windows. UI of all Windows operating device are same but here we experienced different windows. All Windows UI is given with tiled home screen but Aspire P3 had home screen similar to Windows 7. Rest all remains same you are free to download free apps from Windows market place.


    Aspire P3 is given with so much of resources so it need efficient power supply to run all the resources effectively. Acer says that you can expect 5 hours of battery backup if you stress the tablet with all the connectivity features on. With optimum use of the resources you can increase the battery backup. Battery backup of the Aspire P3 is average compare to other tablet in the market.

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    Re: Acer Aspire P3 Review


    Acer Aspire P3 is good tablet with good features like sturdy and impressive body design as well as fine display output with help of IPS technology. Hardware specs are key factor in this tablet as it is stuffed with Intel core processors and 4GB RAM. You can make use of this tablet as hybrid mode; it allows you to use it like tablet as well as Ultrabook with the help of Keyboard case.

    Battery of the device is little weak as it promises to backup the device just for 5 hours. Price of this device is perfect with respect to the specs its posses but compare to Iconia W700 whose hardware specs are more powerful can be purchased in just spending more $100.

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