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Thread: How to Auto Adjust Monitor Colour Tone as per your Eyesight

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    How to Auto Adjust Monitor Colour Tone as per your Eyesight

    Many of us are working on a pc for long hours. It can be a laptop, notebook or a pc. In many corporate people have to use pc for more than 10 hours. This puts extreme pressure on the eye. Because today there is no direct standards available that can protect your eye from direct light coming out form the monitor. Your eyes get strain and you are not aware about the same.

    The best example I can give you is of a movie theater. You go in a theater to watch a 2hrs movie. And when you come out your eyes get blackout for few seconds. That is because they are tired from the direct light. If you want to test, you can start staring at the light for some seconds and then move and you will lose the visibility. In the same way when we work we are staring at the monitor continuously and we are not aware how much strain we are putting on our eye.

    Today I am going to show you an option through which you can simply manage the colour tone of your monitor and protect your eyes.

    We are going to use a tiny tool for that called as Flux. It comes for Mac, Windows and Linux. You can also install that on iOS devices. This tool is very effective and easy to use. If you are using your monitor for long time just install the same and this tool will automatically manage the display colour tone given you a lot more soothing experience. This app is designed for everyone. It is good and simple to use. It does not need many resources to work.


    I am going to test this on Mac. You can use it on Windows and Linux also. The features and settings are same.
    • First download and install Flux on your Mac system. You can find that free on the web. It is very tiny tool and does not require much bandwidth to download.
    • On Mac while instantly you have to allow permission. So that the application can auto-launch on its own. You will get the popup on your screen. Just click on OK to allow the same. Once the permission is allowed you have to put the app in application folder and done.
    • The next step is setting. You have to setup flux as per your need. And the screen adjustment will start. It will configure the colour tone on the basis of day and night. You can see the effect on the screen and you can simply manage that on your own.
    • It is possible to choose the time of day as per your need. By default flux will work through your time zone. But if you want you can modify the same.
    • It is possible to change the location in flux. It can be done through adding latitude and longitude co-ordinates. You can find that easily through Google Play.
    • To set the colour as per your need manually you just have to drag the slider. And the job will be done. The lower you go, you will get a warmer colour tone. And when you drag the slider to higher you will get a cooler one. It will help your eye a lot.
    • Most of the default settings are good to use. You dont have too many changes. But if you want you can go in the preferences where you can find more options. You can go there and set the settings as per time. So that it will adjust colour tone. There is a working late option in that. You can use that also.
    • It is possible to tune-up flux and makes it better for usage. The options are very easy. The tool does not bring you big size menus. Through simple UI you can configure things as per your need.
    • Like there is a Darkroom mode. If you are sitting in a dark room you can turn it on.
    • There is a movie mode also available. It is good if you are playing movies and need a bit more brightness on the screen.

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    Re: How to Auto Adjust Monitor Colour Tone as per your Eyesight

    Calibrating like that it will meet your subjective pleasure. Be aware that for correct colors you have to use a hardware calibration tool that will measure objectively...

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