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Thread: Complicated mouse control of Sacred 3

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    Complicated mouse control of Sacred 3

    There is some issue with Sacred 3 game. I had installed on my pc and I am not able to use it properly. The game does not work in proper way.

    The issue is with the direction. When I try to move the direction is not as I was expecting. Like if I want to roll and if I try to move the right side then it only works in one direction. Si there anyone who is having the same issue.

    If I try to roll to the left side then still it will role in one direction only. It is very complicated to move when you are abused. Any help with the same please?

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    Re: Complicated mouse control of Sacred 3

    I guess you might not handling that properly due to which you are getting that issue. You have to use the mouse pointer for the same and I am quite sure that is going to help you in dealing with the issue.

    When you are trying to roll just move the mouse cursor to the point and you will roll in that direction. You donít have to press the left or right arrow key. The combination is simple. But here the direction is controlled through the mouse pointer. And you can easily navigate to different places.

    I am quite sure this will help.

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    Re: Complicated mouse control of Sacred 3

    I am not happy with sacred 3 controls at all. It is just worst. I am also trying to navigate properly but having the same kind of problem. I cannot understand why it cannot work the way it is in other games. Because you have a common type of direction solution. There are three things that I am facing. First the rolling thing. I am still getting the same issue. Second when you are attacking you cannot continue that. It stops. It must be constant. And the last issue is that you cannot click on place to make the character walk.

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