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Thread: How to automatically log in to Windows 8.1 during Startup

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    How to automatically log in to Windows 8.1 during Startup

    Windows 8.1 brings a lot of features. This new OS is optimized to give you a great UI with some simple and productivity features. So that you can work a lot faster. The most common interface that we see in Windows is the login screen. We create different user accounts in that and use that as per your need. Sometime this process is bit time consuming. You click on the account and then type the password on the same. We can make this process automatic with simple steps. When you start your pc Windows 8 will login you automatically without the requirement for clicking on the user account or typing a password. The feature is handy and good for those who do not want to go with regular typing.

    This is only possible if you are having a single account on your Windows 8 system. And that must not have any password. Then we can skip the login screen directly on the Desktop. So below are the processes through which we can configure automatic password login. If you are having multiple accounts then this process will not work. And if you have a password in the system then it is good to remove it. We will add that later on.

    Setup Automatic Login through Netplwiz:

    • We are going to use a simple netplwiz command to activate this feature. Click on Start and then click on the Run box. In that type Netplwiz and click on OK.

    • If you are prompted by UAC to move ahead then click on OK.

    • After that you will see User Accounts box from where we have to configure the automatic login.

    • In that below you can use a list of users.

    • You will have to remove the tick if there are multiple accounts in your system. Just select one.

    • Click on the account which you want to use for the automatic login purpose.

    • Double click on the same and then you will get an automatic login box. Type the password and click on ok.

    Thatís it. Restart your pc and test.

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    Re: How to automatically log in to Windows 8.1 during Startup

    Setup Automatic Login through Registry Editor:

    Now this second way of configuring automatic login if the above one does not work or if you are unable to understand it. Here we are going to make changes in Windows Registry. You have to take a backup before doing this.

    • Press Windows Key + R key from the keyboard. This will start the Run box.
    • Type regedit in that and click on OK. Click on File and click on Export. This to create a file backup and you can import it back if there is any issue
    • In registry editor click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Then click on SOFTWARE and click on Microsoft. After that click Windows NT and look for CurrentVersion and finally click on Winlogon.
    • In the right side you will see AutoAdminLogon. Right click on the same and click on change value. Set the same to 1.
    • Now look for DefaultDomainName. And there you have to type of computer name. Like John-PC. And after that you have to type the user name which is John and. And then comes the DefaultPassword string. Double click on that and add the same. Thatís it.

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