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Thread: How much time will a 600GB folder will take to copy on LAN?

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    How much time will a 600GB folder will take to copy on LAN?

    I have assembled a new pc which has 2TB hard drive. I splitted that into three parts. The first is 100GB for windows and there are two large size partitions available. I had shared one which has more than 1TB of storage space.

    Now I want to move all my files in that hard drive. I mostly have games, movies and software. This is around 600GB or can be higher. I want to know what is the maximum time it is going to take for that folder to get completely copied in the new hard drive.

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    Re: How much time will a 600GB folder will take to copy on LAN?

    This depends on your LAN speed. If your Ethernet adapter is old or if it has an outdated drier then it will take a long time. You have to test a few files first. Copy around 5 GB of data and move. And see what speed you are getting.

    If it is around 5 to 10mbps then it will take really long time. It is good to copy few files. Do not just drag the entire 600GB folder. Copy around 10GB or 5GB at a time and that will be faster.

    You have to site manually to move files. This is a time consuming process but your data will remain safe.

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    Re: How much time will a 600GB folder will take to copy on LAN?

    Instead of doing this thing manually you can use a file copier software. You can load all your files in that tool and run the copy. The tool will automatically move the files and ensure that none of your data is missed. I am quite sure this one is an effective solution.

    The tool that I use to move large file is TeraCopy. This tool is free and very light to use. You have to load entire data on this and start moving. You can leave the pc behind and it will copy slowly in the system. Try to copy 50 to 60GB at a time.

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