The technological revolution we are experiencing some side effects associated with the fact that today anyone carrying it one or perhaps several digital cameras, has any current portable device does not include at least one or two series?

The immediate effect is that the number of pictures around the world has exploded exponentially and many of them end up in websites, social networks and others.

This is where tools such as 'Social Photos' are interesting because it allows you to migrate your photos from several services: Google +, Facebook and Flickr.

The service is quite useful, especially when you open a new account on another social network different from the one you usually use and also already have uploaded hundreds or even thousands of photographs.

To use Social Photos only have to log into the services that you use to transfer images. At this point, the service stays out of your personal data, say they do not store your login information and also use OAuth.

Social Photos includes an interface simple enough, basically agree to the official website and find three panels, one for Facebook, one for Flickr and one for Google Plus. Just want access to three and from there you can use the technique of 'drag and drop "to move pictures or entire albums.