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Thread: Does anyone know anything about upcoming Windows Live Games

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    Does anyone know anything about upcoming Windows Live Games

    I am looking for some new games coming on Windows Live. It is being long time we had found any game for the same. It looks Microsoft has stopped making games for the same. I tried to find the list online but cannot locate anything.

    I hope there can be some new games coming out for the same. I want to download them. It is not possible to find free games. There was only one that was relapsed in 2009 and after that they had not provided any free games. Still I want to know what more new games are coming up.

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    Re: Does anyone know anything about upcoming Windows Live Games

    I do not really remember. But I had played Mortal Kombat Arcade last time. This game was released last year and it is really amazing. The game is not very bad but good for those who need low graphic one. And if you are looking for a new one then you can try Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. This game is. This was also released last year and really a good game. The game is quiet nice and bring a bit different environment with some challenges also. Just try to see whether it is still available or not.

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    Re: Does anyone know anything about upcoming Windows Live Games

    Instead of Windows Live client the one thing I will recommend you to go for is Steam. This one will offer you a lot of free games and all of them are new. You can atleast test the demo here and if you are a fan of mmorpg then you can get a few of them in this. Steam is lot better than Windows Live in terms of gaming content.

    I am playing the motogp demo on Steam. And if you are not able to find anything better here than you can try out Origin. It is another game store with best quality games.

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