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Thread: Can I run multiple copies of Firefox on the same pc?

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    Can I run multiple copies of Firefox on the same pc?

    I want to test different add-ons of Firefox on my pc. For that I want to use two copies of Firefox on the same pc. I want to know that does it is possible to do the same. I can run one Firefox with add-ons and all extension and one without that. And I am quite sure that this will work and will not have any issue.

    I had tried locating a tool or settings for the same. But there is nothing provided on the internet. Is there a chance available for doing the same? Any add-on or some kind of tool that trigger multiple copies of Firefox.

    Please help.

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    Re: Can I run multiple copies of Firefox on the same pc?

    No you cannot do that. At a time only single Firefox will work. And if you had turned on all add-ons then it will remain the same. You cannot get multiple Firefox run with different settings.

    What you can do is create user profile sin the same. This user profile will help you to enable and disable the add-on in automatic mode. But this is also limited.

    To test the best thing you can do is use a different browser. Like Chrome for your surfing purpose and Firefox to test all the add-ons and extension. That would surely help.

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    Re: Can I run multiple copies of Firefox on the same pc?

    There is a way of doing that. But I do not think your system will support it or not. You have to turn on virtualization for the same. Virtualization will help you to install a full windows operating system inside your existing one. It is like adding small window with independent operating system in the same. And then in that you can install Firefox. Virtualization is the best option for testing. Because you can install multiple OS and different software on the same and it will work well.

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