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Thread: How to Record or Capture Screen on OnePlus One smartphone

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    How to Record or Capture Screen on OnePlus One smartphone

    Android 4.4 KitKat have opened the door for many new features and from those many features Screencast is the new feature which the previous Android update never had. Recording screen is basically recording your usage of phone with the interaction of showing something like the apps or a gameplay on the phone. OnePlus One comes with Android 4.4 KitKat and also with the screencast feature. This feature allows you to record the whole screen as a video so that you could use that video for development purpose or any other purpose like making how to, tips and tricks for other people.

    This could help for giving a video walkthrough for the apps or games which you need to show. Previously it wasn’t that easy part to record the screen on Android. You have had to run commands or install the Android SDK to get it working. There are apps that does work for recording the screen but they requires more of a specific device support and also demands for the root check.

    OnePlus One is a smartphone that is based on the Android Open Source Project and it has the CyanogenmodCM11Sas its official Rom. So with this ROM you would get the Screencast App up and working as it comes preinstalled in the phone with the OS. This app is very useful for recording your screen without having to install any third party apps or even it doesn’t need to root your Android smartphone. Let’s see how the app works and how to get it working with the OnePlusOne ;

    Record OnePlus One screen:

    • First find the Screencast App in the App Drawer.
    • Open the Screencast App.
    • Once you open it, it will show you a pop up ‘Start Screencast’
    • Press the ‘Start Screencast’ button
    • After you press the button, the screen recording activity will follow in the background which you would be able to see in the status bar.

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    Re: How to Record or Capture Screen on OnePlus One smartphone

    Some External Info and Tips to follow:

    • For recording sound, you can plug a Microphone externally to Record Audio with Video.
    • Screencast app shows you the recording session in the status bar when you pull down the status bar. It also gives you the option to stop the recoding directly from the status bar.
    • You can also click or enable the Show Touches Star marked icon to show the touches wherever you touch on the screen, so whenever you will touch the screen, the touches will be shown in the Video.
    • These Video recordings are recorded at Full HD 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution. The recordings which are recorded will be in the .mp4 format and you can also upload the videos directly to YouTube.
    • You can get this recording easily with the default storage you have selected for saving the files on your phone or your memory card. Just find it in the file manager.

    So, this is how you can get Screencast App working and the screen recorded with this simple and easy tip.

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