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Thread: Tips to get Sony Xperia Z2 Camera effects on any phone

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    Tips to get Sony Xperia Z2 Camera effects on any phone

    Sony Xperia Z series brings you a high end camera with new effects. This consist of AR Effects, Image Search, Motion short, etc. This feature is embedded in the camera rom with default camera app. But now it is possible to have this effect on all of your device. You can use your existing camera to get the same camera effects on your device. But the process consist of rooting and installing custom rom on your device. Without that it is not easy to activate the feature. So here you have a risk of causing warranty void.

    I want to advice you one thing before moving ahead. Follow the procedure properly. After rooting use Rom Manager to backup your existing rom. So that if there is any issue you can restore that easily. After adding the camera you will get a lot of benefits over your existing one. I had mentioned those thing in detail below. There is one issue that is commonly notice with icons on the app. That means the features will not be in the camera app, but they will be available separately in the app drawer.

    Camera Features:

    • Social Live: Through Social live you can take picture and update them instantly on Facebook. You just have to link your facebook account with the same. And when you take photos you can update it instantly. Very impressive feature to share photos instantly.

    • AR Effect: AR Effect allow you to have some live 3D animation on your screen. You can take photos by adding a mask on your face or change the background environment. Quiet entertaining. But has very few effects. If you have a good camera then this effect will work really well. For extra theme you have to update this from Google Play.

    • Motionshot: This one is good for those you need small videos to share them instantly. It allow you to capture moving photos. Something like a gif file. You can then share those thing with your friends. It also allow you to record video as per your need.

    • Wikitude Places: This is like image search. In this you just have to take photo of any popular place and the app will search information about that on the web and will give you the information. You will get accurate results based on your location and data on the same.

    • Background Defocus: This one is my favorite. You can just blur the background of any app quiet easily. You can take photos and tap and blur the background. That's it. This will work really well and will give you great images.
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    Re: Tips to get Sony Xperia Z2 Camera effects on any phone

    Installation Process:

    To get all the Xperia camera effects you have to rot your phone and install custom recovery on the same. This require first to unlock the bootloader for the device. Without that it is not easy for you to install the camera features.

    Unlocking the Bootloader:

    • Go on the officially Sony Mobile UnlockBootloader page.
    • From here you have to click on yes to move to the next step. Accept the terms.
    • Now you have to add the Xperia Z2 imei number with your email address. If you are not aware then dial *#06# and you will get the 15digit imei number.
    • Add the same on the site to get a unlock key which you will receive in your email. It is a text file you have to save that on the desktop.
    • Download Flashtool for Xperia Z2 and install it.
    • From the software click on the Blu icon.
    • Switch off your phone and then hold the volume down + power key to boot in fastboot mode.
    • Connect the pone to the pc and follow the screen instruction by clicking on Bootloader Unlock Wizard. You will need the unlock key that you received in your email.

    Installing TWRP Recovery:

    • Download the TWRP recovery package for Sony Xperia Z2. The file can be found on XDA.
    • Extract the content on your desktop.
    • Connect the phone to your pc through usb cable and run 1-click-TWRP-recovery-installer.bat file.
    • The process will start. you have to follow the screen instructions.
    • Once done the phone will restart at the end automatically and done.
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    Re: Tips to get Sony Xperia Z2 Camera effects on any phone

    Installing Xperia Z2 Social Camera Features:

    • Unlock the bootloader for the device. And once you are done with that you have to install TWRP recovery in the device.
    • You have to download the zip file that consist of all camera feature of Xperia Z2. Search for on web.
    • Boot the device in recovery mode and start with wiping the cache partition. Now wipe the Dalvik cache also.
    • Once you are done with that you have to go on the main screen and choose install from zip card. Just select that and install it.
    • Reboot your device and enjoy the new camera features.
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