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Thread: OneDrive slowing down Moto E

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    OneDrive slowing down Moto E

    I had installed OneDrive on my Moto E device. I want to sync all my photos to the cloud so that I can view them whenever I want. But there is some issue with that. I had seen that when you try to sync the same it slow down the phone. I am not able to figure out the reason here. And this only occur with one drive. Whenever I launch the app to see what is in it the phone response very slow. It takes time to get the desktop and also to run other apps. I hope there can be some other way through which I can make it work faster.

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    Re: OneDrive slowing down Moto E

    It looks you have lots of photos to sync. And once they are not done the phone will work slow. You have to turn on your wifi for that. Just connect to any high speed internet connection once and then check back.

    Once all files are synced then the phone will start working a lot more better. The images here are not synced due to which you are facing issue.

    Once everything is uploaded on the cloud the sync process will not consume much power. Leave the phone aside like that for some time. And then test back.

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    Re: OneDrive slowing down Moto E

    I had faced this issue with Gmail and Google drive. I was having around 6GB of data to sync. And I am using Xperia Z1. It is a high end phone and even after this phone get slow down then sync is on.

    But once all things were sync it started working fine. There is no issue with the performance. I had kept the phone aside for entire day on my broadband connection and it worked really well. It took a entire day to upload that much of data online but finally it worked. You can also do that manually.

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