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Thread: How to get multi-user on android tablet

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    How to get multi-user on android tablet

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. This is a good tablet with decent output and it really works well. I want some help here to configure multiple users on the same. There was a news that the new android version is going to bring multi-user support. But still in Kitkat there is nothing like that. In the settings you cannot find any option to create different users.

    I want this for the tablet so that I can create different user and files can remain located. Something we have in Windows. Any idea?

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    Re: How to get multi-user on android tablet

    You will have to use a third party app for the same. There are ample of them.

    The one that I was using is Multi-User App Share. This app is easy to use and has ample of features and options to go for. It provide you a simple way of creating various users in the device. You can configure apps on the basis of that. This apps looks like incomplete to me but still it is helpful and works really well.

    It help you to create different profiles and you can create various user from the same. Just try this out and see how it works.

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    Re: How to get multi-user on android tablet

    This type of apps need rooting. Without that they are not going to work. You have to root and then you can use the app or else many features will remain limited. If you are ready to move then I can recommend you some apps here. The best after rooting is SwitchMe Multiple Accounts.

    The above one is very basic. This one is good and provide you ample of features through which you can create different profile. It brings a lot more feature than creating a prolife. It has a parental control option, you can speed up your phone, etc.

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